This Is How It Works! Please Read Carefully!

OR CALL 562.666.7154 TO ACTIVATE.

911 Pre-Paid Lost Pet Rescue Registered Owners Only This Button!

You Have NOW ACTIVEDED YOUR 911 Lost Pet Rescue Alert System!

Please Stay At Location of Lost Pet Until Our First Responder Team Arrives!

We Will Need As Much Additonal Information As Possible About The Direction You

   Think Your Pet Might Be Traveling!

We Will Also Need The Estimated Time You Think Your Pet Went Missing?

We Will Stay In Constant Contact With You As Reports and Leads Come In!

A Reward Attracts More Attention For Eyes To Keep A Look Out For Your Pet! That is    Why Reconmend a Minimum Reward Of $100 Paid By You To The Ones or 911 Teams That Led To The Return Of Your Precious Pet.

First Responders Will Start Putting up 500 Missing Pet Mystery Reward Fliers! 6-10 on every Block (10 Block Radius and including allies)! Get The Word Out Fast…Very Critical !  MYSTERY REWARD ONLY NOT THE AMOUNT OR POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL GIFTS, PRIZES, OR CASH DONATED BY www.911LOSTPETRESUCE.COM, SPONSORS AND BUSINESSES TO REWARD POOL!

All Local Available Volunteers In Your Area are searching either by foot, bicycles, skates,   skateboards, etc. (except their own vehicles), in Organized Teams as well as Volunteers   watching from their homes on the Look-Out around their own block! Everyone Can Participate!

All LA and Orange County Shelters A Long With Private Organizations contacted and   email or faxed Missing Pet Flier!

Local Businesses, Pet Stores, Vegetarians will be contacted! Missing Pet Fliers Posted On   Front Windows of Businesses When Allowed or Within a Designated Location!

Special Vehicle with Pet Rescue In Progress Alert Signs and PA System Slow Cruising a 10-   15 block radius with pre-recorded Pet Description and Rescue Number to Call!

Special Real Time Progress Online Chat for Pet Leads and Map Tracking!

Online monitoring of Pets For Sale and on Social Networks!

Stay in Contact with Pet Owner for Updates of Search via Phone, text, or Pet owner can   follow online Real Time Chat for Leads Coming in and Follow Instant Progress!

All Pet Fliers are taken down by disposal team and local team members in the area of   Search after 7 days or when missing pet is Returned to owner, (which ever occurs first)!

All Contact efforts made to businesses, shelters, fire and police will be updated as to the   outcome of the community efforts to date.

ALL Rewards are Paid to last lead that led to recovery of missing pet or pets, or the Rescue Teams involved with the actual recovery. Minimum Of A $100 Reward Must Be Paid (paid by the pet owner) or whatever amount you, the pet owner feels you want to pay beyond the $100 minimum Reward. You Pay Directly To Person/s or Rescue Teams Involved In Recovery of Your Pet.

God Bless and remember you're not alone and Help is on the Way!

Stay Close to your Phone or Online at Our Site!

How It Works!