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Signal Hill, CA

Headquartered in Long Beach, CA, is operating a pilot rescue system in the Long beach, Seal Beach, and Signal hill Southern California area for now.

We want to help ALL individuals and families that are suffering the loss of their pet. We are using modern technologies and communication capabilities including an Amber Alert style system and building a network of Like Minded Volunteer Support Teams to bring the very best effort and concrete support to lost pet owners and families within minutes of a pet being lost.

5 million pets are lost every year in the US and only about 15% finds the way back home. wants to make a huge difference in the communities and having neighbors helping and getting to know other neighbors via a common thread, Pets. We feel we can bring home more than 15% of lost pets in this Pilot Program! Our goal is to get as close to 100% recovery as we can get and we need everyone possible to volunteer to make it happen.

We know that probably we are not going to be able to save all of them, but surely we will make a big difference in the life of those that we help to get back home!

Our volume of targeted local business, county, state, and private shelter alerts and fliers work in conjunction with our real time lead map and web chat pages so we are able to reach from 100 to 500 businesses in a 1 to 5 mile radius of a lost pet.

Imagine to be able to get the word out in a very short time and greatly improve your changes of your lost pet coming home safe and sound. The benefit of a strong Social Volunteer Network presence available to households and your neighborhood is a comforting feeling to a pet owner and families. wants to build the largest volunteer participants in America, alone with the largest network of veterinarians, shelters, rescue groups, pet services, and pet lovers!

We take an active role in finding your pet: Time is of the Essence! We do not automatically upload your ad; we manually post your pet photos. We will contact you in the event of missing flier data. We will start our system off with 500 fliers posted in an 8 to 10 block radius where pet was lost. Your lost pet poster, including any photos you provide, will remain on our website Lost & Found Gallery until your pet is found. This includes updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The $50.00 fee helps to support the flier cost only. We are funded by sponsors and advertising ads to support the web site, equipment and materials needed to perform effective solid rescue support. We will also donate a potion of leftover net income to no-kill shelters here in California first and eventually all over the US. This is a flat $50.00 one-time fee per pet family. Example: Have 3 pets? They are all covered for being lost one time. No recurring or hidden charges.

LIFETIME SHIELD PROGRAM $100 – In the unfortunate event of the pet becoming lost again, the Gold Shield Service program will be performed immediately without charges. Your pet's registration in the Lifetime Shield Program is automatic with the purchase of the Gold Shield Service.

911 SERVICE detailed description

Editing - Your information is thoroughly reviewed by our copywriters prior to posting fliers. We take care to verify all locations, addresses, contact information, and pet statistics. You will have an opportunity to review and approve the sample flier if Pre-registered to save valuable time if ever in need of our service.  

Pictures - Upload your best 2 most recent pet pictures for the fliers. Any size photos up to 5 megs each photo and jpg, png, gif file format. We will size and cope your photos to fit fliers and Lost & Found Galleries. Any faces in the photos we will pixelate to protect your privacy unless otherwise notified. Images can be uploaded or can be e-mailed directly to us as attachments.


Fliers with 256 Grayscale layout will be printed by us, but if you prefer a color photo, We will make one flier up in color, then you can have it printed if you want to go that way. The cost to print 500 color fliers can run over $200. Grayscale works just as good as color when you have all of the color description of your pet and the cost is considerably cheaper. Fliers will also be posted in common areas or on community and business bulletin boards and windows when allowed.

Priority Publishing: Your ad will be published immediately on final approval. A confirmation e-mail, including a copy of the fliers, will be sent to the advertiser the moment the ad is uploaded and the information is sent out to the network and social networks.

Our network participants, Veterinarians, shelters, pet rescue groups, pet services, businesses, and pet lovers within a 1 to 3 mile radius will be informed by e-mail of the missing pet. They will receive all the information including the printable fliers.

E-mail protection. Your e-mail address is not shown on the web site to protect you from spam and other unsolicited contacts. No sensitive information is present on our server.

Additional Mystery Reward - A $100 additional reward is occasionally offered in special situations, such as financial hardship. This money is a gift from Some restrictions may apply.


Refunds, cancellations, modifications: For obvious reasons, we cannot issue refunds after the fliers are printed and the system has been activated. Cancellation requests, if made before printing, can be e-mailed. Please include your name, your pet’s name.

Modifications to the content of the flier, additional pictures and so on, can be sent to us by e-mail if you like. The e-mail must include the name of the pet.

You can pay with your Credit or Debit Cards through PayPal’s secure system. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use the system. Personal or Certified check, money order, are also accepted. Make checks and money orders out to 911 Lost Pet Rescue LLC.

Confirmation by e-mail or phone and Rescue Service Number: After the rescue service is completed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent with a Rescue Service Number. It is important to acknowledge the receipt and to confirm the Service Number by simply hitting reply. If you have no email or access to email, we will call you for confirmation follow-up.

Peace of Mind - You will get peace of mind knowing that everything possible is being done to help you reunite with your lost pet. We hope that the future of and our systematic search and rescue system will successfully reunited thousands of lost pets with their families in the years to come.


The First 2 Hours Is Vital To Recovery!

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